Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Taksim Square, Istanbul

Taksim , situated in the Eroupean part of istanbul, turkey . Awesome place ! kat taksim ni actually tempat for shopping . Ade manggo, h&m, collin, addidas and much much moree ! :D so have to sediakan duit yang banyak kalau nak puas shopping . plus currency at turkey is hight , cth 1 Lire turkey = rm2 . 

The Republic Monument (Turkish: Cumhuriyet Anıtı) is a notable monument located at Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey to commemorate the formation of the Turkish Republic in 1923. Built in two and half years with financial support from the population and unveiled by Dr. Hakkı Şinasi Pasha on August 8, 1928, it was designed by Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica.
The 11 m (36 ft) high monument portrays the founders of the Turkish Republic, prominent are depictions of Kemal Atatürk, who commissioned the work, his assistant İsmet İnönü, and Fevzi Çakmak. The monument has two sides, the side facing northward depicts Atatürk at an earlier period and the other one facing Istiklal Caddesi has Atatürk and his comrades dressed in modern, western-European clothing, symbolizing him in both his roles, as military commander-in-chief and as statesman
***thanks to wikipedia , hahahah :D 

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